Jump out of bed and straight into the shower. Get dressed. Let the dog out. Brush your teeth. Get the laundry started. Put the dishes away. Help your child with their homework. Peak at your emails to have an idea of what more the day may bring. Give a smile and hug your little ones goodbye as you grab a to go breakfast, head out the door and go straight to your next job…

When we view our life as one big to do list it’s no wonder how life can appear so daunting. At some point in time, we have learned to keep busy and lost a sense of connection with ourselves and others. Clearly, with all of the above, there is No time for anything else. Right?

But our routine, day to day lives do serve many great rewards. The danger is when we lose sight of everything but the task and view the task as a mere chore. A pile of things that must get done…

What happens if we start to challenge this frame of mind? If we learn to unveil the underlying joy in each and everything we do.

Learning to Be in the moment allows us the freedom of living, no strings attached. When we keep our minds focused we can find the beauty in the moment and allow our concentration to rest there.

When we are always on the go, we are forgetting to breathe life into each moment that arises. When we learn to slow our thoughts down, we recognize how precious life really is and make it our effort to honor it.

We can continue to get lost in the chore or we can relearn how to be found in the present. Decide how you want to proceed in life, and make that your new frame of reference in all you do. There is Love and peace all around, waiting to be yours…

What is keeping you from living?
Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor