As I align my outer self with my inner self I am filled with potential excitement. I am emerging from a mold, a mold that no longer serves me.

But as we continue our spiritual quest, we may recognize some discomfort attached to how we process our own journey and how we share this part of our new selves with others.

It seems as though society reinforces us to shy away from our genuine selves and instead find comfort in conforming to the herd.

There has always been more people that find comfort in confirmation as opposed to shifting their views further on the spectrum, no matter what the subject.

Do we tend to keep our beliefs or actions aligned with the masses so as to not be challenged or looked upon differently? Perhaps we shy away from our Truth because we are afraid of being judged.

Society seemed to have trained us from an early age to find differences in one another and ultimately place judgements upon those differences.

When we begin to quiet the judgements of the mind, we can be better aware of the aspects of ourselves that we recognize in others, whether good or bad because the truth is we are more alike internally than different.

This type of awareness may bring some initial discomfort, but ultimately we will be rewarded with knowing and understanding our interconnectedness if we continue to allow ourselves to be open to it.

Imagine a world where trained minds sought after exposing the similarities in everyone as opposed to seeking and placing judgements on our perceived differences. Namaste, dear friends.

Featured in Science of Mind Magazine 

June, 2014

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor