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Jennifer Picinic has a PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, specializing in Spiritual Counseling. Her life's experiences have taught her that nothing external could ever supersede the endless, beautiful bounty that already exists within. Her mission is to help others recognize their own internal strength and reduce imposed suffering brought on by Self. Think love. Feel love. Be love

No Separation

SoM, Feb. 2021

Peace, I Wish You

Perhaps this year will be the year we bridge the gap. No longer them but us, no longer myself but all. We are all in this thing called life together, yet many, including myself, feel alone from time to time. This mustn’t scare us. Our paths may differ widely but some form of enlightenment is the shared yearning, the desire that we seek, and it starts by honoring our humanity.

We know there is something more. Something greater and yet this hope may dim from time to time. We must not allow this prayer to quiver but rather recognize it and nurture it because somewhere in us all, is indeed this recognition that something greater is to be had, individually and collectively.

This and only this must be our focus. Aligning our minds with our hearts and holding our truth steadfast, confirming we are already more. Alone and together, we are what we seek.

It is our shared humanity which will bring forth a collective liberty. Our deep yearning for love and compassion is a commonality that unites us and can transcend us to something greater.

We can restore our awareness that we are indeed more alike than different. This is an opportunity for the world at large to slow down and get curious. While we have been conditioned to have different perspectives, these well-rehearsed ideas are not truth.

Much of what we learned and acquired along the way has misguided us and unintentionally caused a sense of separation. What we all know and feel, no matter how faint at times, is the tug and pull of the heart. The yearning for something greater, for you and for me.

Perhaps this is the year we learn to unmask and reveal our true nature. Perhaps we need not more to have more. Perhaps we simply must recognize our personal, deeper wants are a shared desire of everyone and for everyone. Perhaps we can allow this truth to unite us, bridging the gap from them to us and myself to all.

The perceived suffering we encompass can be the very which thing that unites and heals us. You desire peace. I desire peace. Perhaps there is no better time for us to honor this prayer and allow it to guide us towards the healing and transcendence that we all recognize is ours to be had. All alike. No one excluded. 🙏

And so it is.

Attunement to Divinity

And there her heart lay flat, barely aware of its beat until it remembered its own flesh was the one attacking it.

We hold on by a frayed string, seemingly at times, but we are tethered by a force greater than us alone and for that, I am forever grateful for.

Just as all spiritual beings will, so too must the fallen angel see past her preoccupation with illusions and prepare for ascension.

She notices the subtle whispers within urging her all along…

“Learn how your mind works and its precedence to all you do, all you become.

Be aware of the chapters that accumulate, creating a story with defeat in its end.

Be aware of desire. Be aware of expectations. 

Understand how wanting will always leave you suffering. 

Recognize it is this type of thinking that is leaving you weeping in despair. Recognize how the outcome will always be the same until you choose a different start. 

Shift to a mindset born from truth. Here is where you will begin to rise.

Begin to allow every negative thought realized to serve as a reminder to choose a new, replacement thought born solely from love. 

No longer are the beliefs tainted and air needing to be gasped. 

Your form vanishes and you are light once more.

You drift through time and space, soaring in your remembered truth.

You are home and here have everything you’ve ever sought. 

It no longer matters why you have lost your way. All that matters is your hearts delight. 

Wishes are born from this state and you receive them all. Bask here even when the world begins to knock once more. Anchor in this truth and allow it to ignite all you do.

Never shush the whispers that got buried by the noisy illusions. Amplify their wisdom until your heart and mind align. 

Feel the shift into this majestic, promised land despite never stepping one foot. 

Taste the purities enveloping you. This is your essence awaiting your nurturing. This is your secret revealed. Nurture and blossom only this place as your home and all things beautiful are yours to be had.”


Love is a Lifestyle

Perhaps we are getting caught up and lost in certain slogans creating more and more separation as opposed to understanding the context behind them, which would allow for greater tolerance, understanding and inclusion. Perhaps this is the root of so many of the misunderstandings and disagreements we experience in this thing called life… forgetting the context.

When bruised and wounded, it is hard to move the focus away from the pain and look to reduce the cause or find more permanent solutions.

Stay focused on the desired outcome, by working to align your goals with each and every breath you breathe. Things worth fighting for require careful intension each and every step of the way. Equality for all is not a side job. Love is a lifestyle. Until we purify our thoughts to match the true intension of our soul, every experience will only be bound together by a false sense of security.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s so important to learn and practice self-care strategies.

Brief and Generic Tapping Script


We shall be
We shall rise
It’s up to me
To compromise
What’s meant to be
We’ll see
We are love
And love is free

We shall be
We shall rise
Amongst all of
The goodbyes
We love and so too
We cry…
And learn to give
Before we die

We shall be
We shall rise
We work hard to
Cut hate ties
One with Love
The final prize
We shall be
We shall rise

We shall be
We shall rise
The way things were
Our sacrifice
To rise above
And win the prize
We shall be
We shall rise

We shall be
We shall rise

No Shame in Thoughts

I am a mental health clinician and I too have had dark thoughts. Life is precious but I have learned that my mind won’t always recognize this truth.

I have worked in the mental health field for half of my life. I realized, we as humans, are not exempt from adversity at a young age. I have watched friends, family and clients break down from emotional pain time to time and I too have experienced painful moments in life in which I did not see myself getting through… when I no longer desired myself getting through.

I consider myself a very balanced person emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I don’t tend to separate these sides to me but rather view my whole self as these things plus much more, inter-connectedly.

So what I have learned despite the oh so many coping skills I have obtained throughout my life and teach is that the mind will play tricks on you. The mind is powerful. Many thoughts will come through us beyond our sense of control.

We will all experience a lifetime of various thoughts. Some will be joyous and pleasing while others will be anxiety-ridden and pained. That is simply how the brain functions for us at this point in time.

If we can begin to understand this truth, we can learn to be less inclined to believe those thoughts that are disempowering and without hope and start shifting our mindset on to thoughts of love, gratitude and resilience.

Negative thoughts should not shame us as they simply are just thoughts. It is up to us to learn the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and break the chain of self loathing when it becomes problematic for us.

There is so much help and resources available to those courageous enough to ask for it. We can all rise and help in the aid of healing in others by recognizing these truths.

We are not broken, we are simply human. It is my mission is to remember how precious life really is more easily and remind you of this truth when your mind is playing tricks on you.

There is so much beauty to experience in this thing called life and it begins within our own belief. It is when our thoughts try to taint us that we can allow others in to help us refocus them on to an even greater truth.

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