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It’s time to break free from those self-defeating thoughts and get living! Let’s begin by purifying our thoughts to match the true intension of our Soul.

Think Love. Feel Love. Be love.

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Lazy Days

Published in Science of Mind Magazine February, 2018

As I ponder this thing called Life, my lazy mind once again asks what the point of all this inner work is.

You see, the concept of time is one of great importance to me.  I want to ensure I am using my time as the sacred tool in which I can continuously unlock my greater good.

My lazy mind wonders often what the best way to use my time is. Do I strengthen my mindfulness skills and learn to be more present in the moment? Should I use my time to reflect on my life’s challenges and look for the silver linings that resulted? Or maybe I should write list after list of all that I am grateful for…

I observe how, much like many others, much of my time can be spent trying to combat the self defeating and limiting thoughts that attempt to take my time hostage. I am learning to catch these unhealthy thought patterns and instead make a conscious effort to observe my thoughts without judgment, dropping more into the present time.

When I choose to practice Mindfulness, I can allow my connection to my environment, to others and to my higher Self flourish. While this is greatly rewarding I do also ponder, can that be all there is?

I am quickly reminded the answer is no and remember New Thought teachings that resonate so deeply within. I can make the radical decision not to stop here in thought but to radiate greater goodness in all that I do, for within us all, is the ability to create. We must discover for ourselves that there is a creative power that lies within and allow IT to unlock our wildest dreams.

We no longer have to just push through these moments that make up this thing called life but rather we can create new thoughts that are divinely pure and vastly promising, bringing them forth to the present time.  When you radiate goodness in all that you do you will soon realize the author of life is found within you.

Free to Be Me

Sometimes I wonder how I could consider myself as a highly Spiritual being when I can easily get caught up in day to day mundane thinking or even worst, negativity.

I have to remind myself that I have permission to just be me. As humans, we have many sides to us and it is our truth to acknowledge them all.

Yes, sometimes I actually enjoy sitting with my own sadness rather than brushing it off and putting on a happy face. These entrenched layers of life are mine and it is up to me to find a healthy balance to all that I feel, to all that I am.

With that said, I am forever grateful for the awareness I have of my own inner strength. The power is there within me at every given moment. Spirituality is my biggest treasure and liberates me from any and all undue suffering at my choosing. I’m confident that my Spiritual dedication will prevail and disempowering any haste thoughts will simply become easier and easier.

I am at peace when my human side is aligned to my spiritual side. My inner work calls for me to continue to practice letting go of all that does not serve my greater good. My personal mission is to keep acknowledging my multiple layers and use them as a strength to help others find healing.

I do not fear my darker side for in it lies great experiences had. I can use the perspectives gained as a stepping stool for a deeper calling in life. My wish for all is that they allow their Divinity to unleash and welcome what was once a dream into reality.

And So It Is.

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Wearing Truth as Our Armor

Published in Science of Mind Magazine June, 2017

Learn to recognize the Light that you have within yourself. This is the source that has gotten you through all of life’s challenges thus far. By what name do you honor this inner resiliency? Some may refer to it as Higher Self, the Universe, Consciousness, Love- and others may simply recognize IT as God. We shouldn’t get caught in the identity of It, but rather what IT allows for us. 

This Source is the truest part of ourselves. Our awareness of IT is the door to our liberation. Struggles will come, but struggles to shall go, when we let them. Honoring our inner Truth is what allows healing to occur and transformation to follow. Divine Essence is the part of ourselves that begs for our recognition. It is our gift to cherish and graciously awaits it’s our opening. This is the part of us that brings about Peace in the face of all adversity. 

We can foolishly get lost in the challenges of life and overlook the solution that is always there, within. It is when we learn to present this part of ourselves to the world, that our struggles quickly dissipate. Suffering is not meant for us. Our inner warrior awaits our victories and all that comes our way. It is time to wear this Truth as our armor. 

Thought Purification

Our beliefs influence us tremendously and give rise to our emotional being. Our emotions must be protected and yet also challenged so that they always reside in a state of purity. 

Emotions are indeed powerful and even seemingly uncontrollable at times. When we do not end our every thought with unity and compassion for all, we too are inflicting suffering and disconnect. 

We must monitor the strength and purity of our own emotions and ensure that even our deepest passions return us back to a state of peace and love. 

This may appear far from easy at times but imagine what this form of individual thought filtering can do for humanity at large. 

Meditating on this outcome is what will transcend us from a state of uncertainty and angst to an unshakable Faith in something far greater than the imagination can offer. New Thoughts are begging for our recognition and will give rise to our wildest dreams. 

And so it is.

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