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Wearing Truth as Our Armor

Published in Science of Mind Magazine June, 2017

Learn to recognize the Light that you have within yourself. This is the source that has gotten you through all of life’s challenges thus far. By what name do you honor this inner resiliency? Some may refer to it as Higher Self, the Universe, Consciousness, Love- and others may simply recognize IT as God. We shouldn’t get caught in the identity of It, but rather what IT allows for us. 

This Source is the truest part of ourselves. Our awareness of IT is the door to our liberation. Struggles will come, but struggles to shall go, when we let them. Honoring our inner Truth is what allows healing to occur and transformation to follow. Divine Essence is the part of ourselves that begs for our recognition. It is our gift to cherish and graciously awaits it’s our opening. This is the part of us that brings about Peace in the face of all adversity. 

We can foolishly get lost in the challenges of life and overlook the solution that is always there, within. It is when we learn to present this part of ourselves to the world, that our struggles quickly dissipate. Suffering is not meant for us. Our inner warrior awaits our victories and all that comes our way. It is time to wear this Truth as our armor. 

Thought Purification

Our beliefs influence us tremendously and give rise to our emotional being. Our emotions must be protected and yet also challenged so that they always reside in a state of purity. 

Emotions are indeed powerful and even seemingly uncontrollable at times. When we do not end our every thought with unity and compassion for all, we too are inflicting suffering and disconnect. 

We must monitor the strength and purity of our own emotions and ensure that even our deepest passions return us back to a state of peace and love. 

This may appear far from easy at times but imagine what this form of individual thought filtering can do for humanity at large. 

Meditating on this outcome is what will transcend us from a state of uncertainty and angst to an unshakable Faith in something far greater than the imagination can offer. New Thoughts are begging for our recognition and will give rise to our wildest dreams. 

And so it is.



Faith in Humanity

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