So many of us live in the past or the future but none of those are reality. The only real time is now. But how do we focus on the present when we have been trained from early on to analyze our previous experiences and obsessively plan for our future? This is where difficulty lies.

We must learn to slow life down. We must learn to stop and observe ourselves in any given moment and develop a new relationship with Self. What are we thinking? How is our body responding to the stimuli that surrounds us at any given time?

It is time to get to know Self through the perceived perception of Self. Who are we really?

We are much more than our human experiences and yet we often forget this truth. We attach our identity with all of the tasks that we accomplish, the materials we accumulate and all of the judgements brought on by the mind. By a tool that has been trained to look for patterns and dismiss what lies underneath all thought forms.

We carry on day to day going through the motions but rarely are we ever really living. Rarely are we in tune with our inner Self and recognizing our infinite divinity for all that we are in our entirety.

Strengthening our inner dialogue is not taught but instead stripped away from us from early on. Of course this intent came from a place of good however if we do not stop and remember what nourishes our very being we will be forever lost on this journey we call life.

It is time to remove yourself from all expectations and judgements you have learned and begin to perceive life through cleansed eyes. It is time to recognize the power within and allow life to be one of ease and flow, turning your back from created suffering, and basking in infinite glory. Real time is now.
Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor