Every. Single. Moment. in my life brought me to this. Every tear I shed, loss I bared, and desire I held strongly in my heart did really mean something after all. 

As someone who recognizes that feeling so deeply is not the easiest way to approach life, I also always knew something within me needed to do so.

There was some sort of meaning behind my struggles. I was maybe just fighting for the wrong thing…

Despite experience, I never doubted my ability to triumph over all of life’s struggles. My inner strength always carried me through the most difficult of times. 

I always knew that I can safely open to whatever I am feeling, give it the recognition it requires, and push beyond it ~at my choice. And I always thanked my lucky stars for this awareness, as undoubtedly life can be difficult.

There is a reason for everything and staying open to such will bring on an award so profound that you will feel yourself transcending into something even greater. 

And Faith is all you will need from there on out. 

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor