We all know loss. Whether it’s something insignificant as a misplaced item of little value or something so profound that it feels as though a huge part of oneself, if not of all, has been taken from us… Forever. 

But what really are we experiencing? 
When it’s the latter, do we not feel this deeply within our entire existence because of the magnitude of love we have opened ourself up too? 

Love is the root of loss. It IS the reason for everything. Loss is simply a derivative of having loved…

When cared for properly, love does not diminish. It can’t… for it is the essence of who we are.

There are many things that may cloud this Truth from time to time but the Love within always finds its way through, even if it’s in our darkest hour. 

Maybe life’s difficulties are an opportunity to move a way from conditional love to one which is unconditional… Love in its Purity. 

While everything in this life may appear to have a beginning, middle and end, it is Love that stands the test of time.

Jennifer Picinic, PhD
Certified Spiritual Counselor