And there her heart lay flat, barely aware of its beat until it remembered its own flesh was the one attacking it.

We hold on by a frayed string, seemingly at times, but we are tethered by a force greater than us alone and for that, I am forever grateful for.

Just as all spiritual beings will, so too must the fallen angel see past her preoccupation with illusions and prepare for ascension.

She notices the subtle whispers within urging her all along…

“Learn how your mind works and its precedence to all you do, all you become.

Be aware of the chapters that accumulate, creating a story with defeat in its end.

Be aware of desire. Be aware of expectations. 

Understand how wanting will always leave you suffering. 

Recognize it is this type of thinking that is leaving you weeping in despair. Recognize how the outcome will always be the same until you choose a different start. 

Shift to a mindset born from truth. Here is where you will begin to rise.

Begin to allow every negative thought realized to serve as a reminder to choose a new, replacement thought born solely from love. 

No longer are the beliefs tainted and air needing to be gasped. 

Your form vanishes and you are light once more.

You drift through time and space, soaring in your remembered truth.

You are home and here have everything you’ve ever sought. 

It no longer matters why you have lost your way. All that matters is your hearts delight. 

Wishes are born from this state and you receive them all. Bask here even when the world begins to knock once more. Anchor in this truth and allow it to ignite all you do.

Never shush the whispers that got buried by the noisy illusions. Amplify their wisdom until your heart and mind align. 

Feel the shift into this majestic, promised land despite never stepping one foot. 

Taste the purities enveloping you. This is your essence awaiting your nurturing. This is your secret revealed. Nurture and blossom only this place as your home and all things beautiful are yours to be had.”