There is great benefit in becoming aware of which thoughts capture our personal attention. When we are at peace with ourselves, we are less likely to emit negativity or judgement onto others. This desire then is a transforming step in healing ourselves and therefore healing the world. 

When we are stuck deep into a negative emotion we are held back and kept from what the Divine has in store for us. If we are enslaved by harsh judgements within, we are disconnected from our true Self. It is impossible to feel Gods presence when we are ruminating on negativity. 

We can achieve personal peace by becoming the guardian of our thoughts. If we really understand the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviors then is it not our mission to learn to soften those thoughts and replace them with more loving and compassionate ones?

Imagine how we can begin to feel if we free ourselves from our own harsh judgements and instead honor our Divinity within. We simply cannot feel peace if we do not break free from our own negative thought patterns. 

When we practice more love and kindness to ourselves, we start to notice the beauty in this thing called life. We begin to breath with greater ease. We begin to smile more. We begin to slow down and notice wonderment. We have no choice but to then share this love and amazement with all those we touch, for this is law. 

I wish you a more peaceful mind and loving heart.