Sometimes I wonder how I could consider myself as a highly Spiritual being when I can easily get caught up in day to day mundane thinking or even worst, negativity.

I have to remind myself that I have permission to just be me. As humans, we have many sides to us and it is our truth to acknowledge them all.

Yes, sometimes I actually enjoy sitting with my own sadness rather than brushing it off and putting on a happy face. These entrenched layers of life are mine and it is up to me to find a healthy balance to all that I feel, to all that I am.

With that said, I am forever grateful for the awareness I have of my own inner strength. The power is there within me at every given moment. Spirituality is my biggest treasure and liberates me from any and all undue suffering at my choosing. I’m confident that my Spiritual dedication will prevail and disempowering any haste thoughts will simply become easier and easier.

I am at peace when my human side is aligned to my spiritual side. My inner work calls for me to continue to practice letting go of all that does not serve my greater good. My personal mission is to keep acknowledging my multiple layers and use them as a strength to help others find healing.

I do not fear my darker side for in it lies great experiences had. I can use the perspectives gained as a stepping stool for a deeper calling in life. My wish for all is that they allow their Divinity to unleash and welcome what was once a dream into reality.

And So It Is.