Our beliefs influence us tremendously and give rise to our emotional being. Our emotions must be protected and yet also challenged so that they always reside in a state of purity. 

Emotions are indeed powerful and even seemingly uncontrollable at times. When we do not end our every thought with unity and compassion for all, we too are inflicting suffering and disconnect. 

We must monitor the strength and purity of our own emotions and ensure that even our deepest passions return us back to a state of peace and love. 

This may appear far from easy at times but imagine what this form of individual thought filtering can do for humanity at large. 

Meditating on this outcome is what will transcend us from a state of uncertainty and angst to an unshakable Faith in something far greater than the imagination can offer. New Thoughts are begging for our recognition and will give rise to our wildest dreams. 

And so it is.