Our perspectives are indeed with limitation. We must consciously work towards expanding our perceptions to include the beauty and perfection that we know to exist. 

What we define as beautiful is always dependent upon its relationship to Self. It’s when we strengthen our spirituality, that we can move away from perceived imperfections and recognize true beauty in all of it’s form. 

There is great power to be found in our Faith and only this power will set us free. Our spirituality allows us to move past any obstacles of our mind and body and rise above seemingly less than perfect conditions.

We don’t have to get lost in the unknowns of this thing called life, but should rather trust our innate Truth. We all embody divine essence and only this part of our Home deserves further attention. 

When we allow ourselves to perceive all things from spirit, we are quickly reminded of our wholeness and perfection. The only “work” we have to do is to ensure that all of our perspectives are born from this state of awareness. This is true liberation my friends. 

And so it is.