The recent shootings and killings of innocent men, African Americans and Law Enforcement alike, were covered all over the news and flooded all of our Facebook newsfeed. It was near impossible to resist being pulled into the sadness that we as a country have been exposed to. But amidst the recent tragedies, I came across a ray of hope. 

In Los Angeles, The Game and Snoop Dogg started a conversation with one another and asked what they can do to bring about change. The rappers then organized and led a march to LA police headquarters in aims to start a new dialogue and repair relations between law enforcement and minorities. 

It has become clear that violence has gotten so far out of control that something radical needed to happen. The aim of the march was to initiate peace. So many have come to realize that hate begets more hate. It is only through understanding that we can begin to welcome peace back into our lives. 

We need to stop categorizing and labeling people and see everyone as the same, Human Spirits. ALL lives matter and now is the time to honor all of our existence. 

Our founder, Ernest Holmes understood all along that it is “through the power of love, that we can let go of past history and begin again.” 

Fear has separated us for too long. Let’s unify ourselves and work towards a common ground. Only Love can destroy fear and it is only Love that can heal and make us whole again. 

What a beautifully powerful awareness! We can indeed create a world where we can all stand side by side in peace, and thank God for that. 

The time is Now and THIS is our call to action.