Our belief systems hold tremendous power. What we believe to be true plays an important role in how we experience this thing called life. Our beliefs act as the driving force in how we feel and ultimately how we act. This is why becoming aware of our current belief patterns is so crucial. 

For many of us, whether conscious of it or not, our beliefs have fallen prey to negative thinking. We have been led to believe that the good life is reserved for a select few and that we ourselves have not made the cut, for one reason or another. To make matters even worse we proclaim ownership of these limited beliefs and identify ourselves As them. 

The good news is that our beliefs can and should change from time to time. Once we recognize our own faulty thinking we can begin to replace it with our inherent Truth, that “Heaven is within us.” Many of us have lost sight of this as a result of all the ways we have been influenced by the external world. We have been led to believe that we need something outside of us to be complete while in fact the opposite is true, we are whole and complete within. We need not more.

We should not underestimate the power of the Mind and its abilities to change conditions that are less than ideal, as Universal Spirit operates through Universal Mind. 

How we perceive reality is more important than reality itself. The notion of suffering results from a perception of limitation therefor we should train our Mind to see the endless abundance simply awaiting our recognition.