Better days begin with this present time. 

At one point in time when we reflect on NOW it will present itself as our past. If a better future is what we desire, we need to begin to take the first steps that will lead us there, today. 

Let’s make the conscious decision to live well in this moment and all thereafter. It’s time to bridge together who we are today and who we aspire to become. The space between who we are now and who we want to be no longer has to be out of arms reach. 

The truth is we already obtain everything needed for our journey in this thing called life. It is solely up to us to awaken to our inner life force and allow IT to guide us. We can empower ourselves by allowing Spirit to work for us by working through us. 

If we should recognize limiting beliefs or self criticism along the way, we can work towards dismissing such fallacies and remember how our very essence is that of the Divine. 

Let NOW be the first ingredient in creating the future you desire. Develop a new relationship with the present time and allow NOW to be the link to the future your heart has always longed for.