We have all been influenced by our surroundings from even earlier than we can remember. For many of us, some of these external influences have shaped us in a way that is incongruent with our highest nature. 

There are times where we are left feeling as though we are not enough and that we never will be. We believe that happiness is a nice idea, available to all others but just not something in our own deck of cards. We hold these limited beliefs near and as a result, life is something that happens to us as opposed to something we create.

Many of us have been taught to identify ourselves as our list of accumulations, either in the form of possessions or achievements. We constantly compare ourselves to others and if we continue to use this view as our frame of reference we will always fall short. There will always be times when others seemingly have more and we are left feeling inadequate. 

The truth is that each and every One of us is indeed enough. We have everything we need within us, begging for our recognition at any given time. We need to overcome the limited beliefs that get in the way of us achieving our goals and awaken to the inherent goodness available to all. There is an inner life force within that is there to guide us to prosperity. It is our job only to proclaim it as so. Think it, feel it, and take in comfort knowing it to be so. 

…And until you see yourself in the state of perfection in that which you already are, I will continue to hold you there.