Featured in Science of Mind Newsletter November 25, 2015 Issue

Peace is an inside job. It is not saved for a select few. It is inherent and available to all, but it must first begin within. As we carry on our day, we can look for ways in which we welcome peace into our lives and the lives of all around us. Anytime we become aware of thoughts stemmed from judgment, we can quickly correct them and choose peace instead. We can be selective in our own thinking and use caution when we discuss world views. We do not need to be naive and we do not need to agree with everyone, but it is time for us all to respect and understand the views of others. We can continue to judge or we can begin to gain perspective. 

We are here to love. Each and every One of us. Our belief systems affect how we go about this Truth. If we wish to transcend as a nation, as a world, we must first welcome peace, beginning in our own minds. We can break the cycle of hate by replacing it with love. Practice love. Pray for love and peace. Be confident that messages of love will conquer. It’s time for us all to unite in this mission. It’s time for us all to choose peace.

Dr. Jennifer Picinic

Certified Spiritual Counselor