The Mind can be the greatest tool we have but we have to first understand how to use it to our advantage. We must go deeper than simply thinking something and desiring it to be true. We must trust with conviction that what we believe deep within, is in fact, the only way and strengthen this faith through practice and repetition. 

When we practice our faith, we are reminded that all of our struggles stem from a faulty perception. Found within the intimacy of our own Minds are all of the answers that we seek. We can control our thoughts and allow them to work for us, for we have been blessed with a spiritual power that welcomes peace at any given time. 

This absolute power works through us by way of thought. Jesus said, “It is done unto you as you believe.” Make no mistake, no one is immune to this greater truth. We all have an inner compass that works for us and guides us back to a state of wholeness. We are not victims, but rather the ones in control over our fate. With faith, there is no experience too difficult to overcome.

Everlasting heaven is our birthright and our faith is the stepping stone for its arrival.