Published in Science of Mind Magazine

September, 2015

Like so many, I have spent my life trying to understand concepts such as who are we and what is the purpose to our existence. I sought to understand happiness and came to recognize a concept difficult to comprehend. Difficult to even say out loud- can suffering be self-imposed?

We all know stories of people who persevere through the difficult challenges that life sometimes brings. We know stories of pain, loss and tragedy, but are there really experiences that cannot be overcome by the human spirit? Our inner relationship with our outer world is by far the most important relationship that needs recognition. Unfortunately, this relationship is also the one that often gets brushed aside.

As children, we begin to learn about the world by being fully present to our task at hand. Through conditioning, we are slowly programmed into thinking a certain way. At some point in time, we slowly take on what we learn and begin to identify ourselves AS our thoughts. Perhaps here is where personal conflict begins.

As we gain perspective, we begin to understand how our perceptions play a crucial role in how we experience life. That child who was once able to fully engage in what she was doing in the moment has now been molded by societies list of shoulds and should nots. If we spend some time paying attention to how our mind operates, we begin to recognize how our thoughts can take on a life of their own. Somewhere along the way we are led to believe that we are inferior. There are all sorts of reasons for this- just take advertisements, for example. We are fooled into believing we need something outside of ourselves to make us complete, whether it’s a material good or another person.

As we continue to grow spiritually, we recognize this is not the case at all. New Thought teaches the only thing needed is recognition of the truth of who we are. 

Spirit works for us by working through us.It cannot work for us in any other way. It spreads Itself over the whole universe and shouts at us from every angle, but It can become power to us only when we recognize It as power.

Recognition that we are divine beings is the only way to true happiness. Thoughts are indeed energy and we must guard them carefully. Learning to discipline the mind through tools such as meditation, mindfulness and affirmative prayer will help deter self-limiting thinking and correct faulty beliefs systems. We are whole and complete within. We need not more.

Welcome all things beautiful into your world today and become just that. This is spiritual law.

Dr. Jennifer Picinic

Certified Spiritual Counselor