We hear all the time that we should forgive and forget but forgiveness may not be for everyone. 

When we think of forgiveness, we often associate it with an action. We envision ourself forgiving another for their wrongdoing but this process is not always necessary.

What matters most is whether or not we allow the agony to remain within us or not.

We can learn to release the pain we feel and welcome peace back into our lives once more. 

By giving our inner wounds permission to heal, we are not acting as if an event didn’t occur or that the action of another was warranted, we are solely choosing to love ourselves first and foremost. 

We are refusing to let the distress of the past be carried with us to the present time.

Healing is a process and we can begin by opening up our own heart. We can become a support system to our own self by meeting our past struggles with compassion. 

The more we practice self love and allow ourselves to engage with the present moment at hand, the more we move away from the wounds that have seemingly bound us.

It is time to release anything that has weighed heavily on us and take back our lives in the present time. We no longer have to give another the power over us for we ourselves, heal ourselves. 

Dr. Jennifer Picinic

Certified Spiritual Counselor