So much of the way we approach life and how we respond to it, stems from the values and beliefs that we have learned along the way. But what if the beliefs that are so ingrained in us are simply wrong? 

I see and hear so many people going through their life with self defeating thoughts and behaviors, which take the forefront of how they then live. They have dreams like the rest of us, but unfortunately somewhere along the way they have lost sight of them or end up engaging in practices that are unhealthy for them because they don’t know a different way or don’t believe they deserve better.

So many things outside of us seem to make us believe that we are inferior and that suffering is inevitable. 

But what if today we all stopped and challenged these external sources and remind ourselves that we are whole and complete on our own? What if today, we chose to remind ourselves of our inherent Divinity? What if today, we began to challenge any thoughts we have that do not align with our highest self? 

Lets begin to stop and reflect on the miracles that we are and allow ourselves to see reality for what it really is, without embellishing it with negativity.  

When we allow our mind the gift of stillness and welcome thoughts of peace and acceptance, we affirm our birthright. There truly is nothing that the Human Spirit cannot endure. 

There is nothing outside of us that cannot be found inside of us. Once we practice this Truth, we walk with Faith in knowing that life is more than our perceptions of events. We are blessed with this day and can allow this gift to be the perfect opportunity to practice thanks and persevere. 

Dr. Jennifer Picinic

Certified Spiritual Counselor