When we learn to view everything from a lens that is perfect, whole, and complete our lives suddenly take on a whole new meaning. We recognize a higher purpose in all that we do. 

The foundation has been laid for us all, but we must now discover this Truth for ourselves. It cannot be given directly to us. Only through trials and tribulations can we recognize Its existence. Our existence.

As we proceed with our own individual journeys, we learn good from evil. As we go forth on this continuum, we shed all, until only purity remains. We can’t simply be handed this awareness but must discover it for ourself, if it is meant to retain value for us. 

In order for the puzzle to attract admiration, the pieces must be placed perfectly together to make it whole once more. The same is true for this thing called life. As we continue on, we must learn to recognize the perfection of the perfectly, imperfect parts. 

We must have faith that every piece we eagerly search for in the box, is the prefect fit for our creation at large. We must trust the search, the work required, and even the failed attempts we make along the way, until every piece aligns just as it should. As intended. As designed. 

This is life. The creation cannot exist without the pieces perfectly aligned nor does it hold value without the larger process at hand. We cannot rush the journey, just as we cannot eliminate our perceived struggles along the way. 

The lessons of life are meant to transcend us further along in our paths and remind us of our existence, our wholeness. Just as the whole cannot be without the parts, we recognize there truly can be no separation.

Ernest Holmes emphasizes, “Man can learn only through experience until the time comes when he is in complete unity with God, then he will know without first having experienced.” 

We must continue to experience and choose what is best meant for us. Through experience alone, we solidify only that which is absolute; that which is good. 

When you are uncertain and feel you have lost your way, listen with certainty that there is a Divine Presence within you, leading you securely along the way.

Dr. Jennifer Picinic

Certified Spiritual Counselor