New thought. New belief. New life.

Since as early as I could recall, I remember myself observing the thoughts of my mind. I knew from an early onset, that any thoughts that were not pure in nature were not “correct.” 

As I grew as a person, I was always careful to restructure my thoughts to ones in which stemmed from love. It’s as if I always knew the power behind our frame of reference and that any thoughts less than beautiful needed to be worked through until only the love behind them remained. 

Mental discipline is an invaluable tool that everyone can benefit from. I seemed to always intellectually understand the correlation between inherently pure thoughts and the healing available, resulting from such. 

The ability to recognize our own divinity within and be able to heal oneself from any perceived challenge, is the greatest gift. This is self actualization. This is liberation. This is New Thought. 

Dr. Jennifer Picinic

Certified Spiritual Counselor