Sometimes it seems everywhere we look, we are being asked to give. For many, this can be a burden in and of itself. We want to give but let’s face it, sometimes we just can’t. We have to quietly turn our cheek away and are left with feelings of guilt and inadequacy. 

I have known many people who endured some great difficulties in life and when push came to shove, one form of giving always stood out and meant the most to them. The gift of love.

Wishes of good intent are the one thing we can always offer to others. This form of treatment is one that costs nothing and yet is the most valuable.

Prayers of love are always greatly received and welcomed even by the biggest critic. Love in its purity costs nothing and expects nothing. 

My favorite blessings in life are the times when people have shared their loving intentions for me, with me. Knowing that someone spent their precious time to think of me and desire blessings upon me is something money could never buy.

The next time you meet someone in stillness, know that is the highest form of giving and loving that you can offer to them. 

Connecting with others on a spiritual level is so beautifully intimate. When we take the time to connect with ourselves and share our great love with those around us, we are offering the greatest parts of ourself to them. 

So give, give, give for love bestows love. 

Dr. Jennifer Picinic

Certified Spiritual Counselor