Some of my favorite moments in time are when words touch me in a deep, profound way. When I recognize the intent behind them and what initially appears to be a cliche phrase, seemingly becomes alive. 

It’s that exact point in time when words completely resonate and I understand the exact meaning behind them, as if they were written solely for me. 

It’s as if my everything awakens and I am one with all others who have those same epiphanies. It’s the point in time when the meaning behind the phrase is just the words perfectly arranged together them self. No prefixed notions or emotional attachment behind them. Simply the words as the words. 

I understand this more clearly when I listen to others share and react. There are many times when words take on whole new meanings and people are wrongly offended by them as a result of their conditioning. We hear people question how others could dare say such a thing as if there was some ill intent behind it. I challenge such. 

I watch how some people respond better to when certain people say the same words or when words have a more severe impact on the person dependent upon the point of inner growth they are at. 

For me, part of being mentally well is not allowing my mind to taint the intent of what others say. When I learn to hear solely the words exchanged without embellishing the assumed meaning behind them, I am liberated. 

I want to understand others and I want to be understood. I have found that when I don’t add a story to what I hear others saying, and only listen for content, I am less likely to react and more likely to try and relate. 

I think that is our mission in this thing called life. To try and minimize the mental gap we place between others and recognize the unity of that which we are. Let’s spend more time learning to connect with others and less time getting caught up on anything that tears us apart. 

             Think love. Feel love. Be love.

Dr. Jennifer Picinic

Certified Spiritual Counselor