Is there not a danger in saying that we should only measure people by their actions and dismiss their intent? Behind every action is intent. 

Perhaps the more healthy way of experiencing the world is trying to understand. 

Rather than differentiating how you do things versus others, or expecting others to do as you do, by gaining perspective we can welcome healing into our lives. 

We could learn about others by learning more about ourselves. 

Our highest self is pure and our intents stem from that part of us. When we intend anything other than beauty, it is because we foolishly permitted our prefixed notions to lead.

We are human. We make mistakes. We learn and grow as we proceed in our lives. Our one and only destination is to return us to love. 

Behind every action is our intent for love however our bruises can misdirect us away from this truth from time to time. 

It is our own responsibility to recognize this and work towards filtering out anything less than pure. This includes judgements as seemingly minor as the ones we keep to ourselves. There is nothing good that could stem from engaging in such. If we really want to understand others, we must first understand ourselves. 

As humans, we have a need to belong. We need to feel part of something larger. 

Only by taking the time to learn and understand others, can we recognize the unity in all we touch and dismiss any notion of separation. 

We have to be mindful of how our conditioning alters experience, and quickly rectify any thoughts that do not lead us back to this truth. 

Life is not everyone else wronging us, but learning, growing and recognizing the part we play in all of it. 

We are truly more alike than different and when we begin to understand this truth, we begin to view all experience from a healthy frame of reference. 

We can continue to judge or we can begin to gain perspective. 

Dr. Jennifer Picinic
Certified Spiritual Counselor