Allow your highest Self to lead. My highest Self is pure. It’s essence is divine. And as I walk through this journey I have no real choice but to allow IT to guide me; for when I do, I am at peace with myself. I am so much more. 

This alignment is nothing short of beautiful. Life flows freely and I recognize it’s mine to be had. I also recognize staying in this state requires work from me. At times, lots of work.

I am constantly being challenged externally. As life unfolds, I find myself slipping away from this state. But ahhh, I am blessed to be able to recognize when it is happening and that’s when I allow my faith to guide me back. That’s when I pull out all of the tools I’ve collected along the way and work to realign to my best Self.

I have learned to quiet my other choice of not doing such. Not pushing myself to view the world through my best lens. While it may appear easier at times, that choice always leaves me distraught. I recognize immediately that is not the me I want to nurture. In fact, I need to continue to allow that part of me to let go. To diminish from my existence as I transcend into something greater. 

The heavy reacting, in ways, is the resistance. Reinforcing my trust against such strengthens the part of me that is best. It allows me to float perfectly through the waves, trusting I will swim ashore at just the right time. When I lean here, my best Self thanks me. My spirit is renewed and I know I’m doing everything right. 

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor