Some days it seems many of us are going through the motions but are not truly engaged in what we are doing. 

The rampant thoughts in our head seem to take over and we seemingly get lost chasing them until we are left feeling uneasy. Unsettled. 

In order to move away from this unwanted outcome we must first recognize the role we have played in welcoming it. Whether knowingly or not, we actually do have the ability to stop ourselves from being a part of such a viscous cycle.

Great athletes recognize that in order to be successful they must have a secure sense of awareness and control over the body. Mental endurance follows the same principle. 

As you become aware of your thought patterns, begin by asking yourself whether or not your thoughts are serving to you. If you find more often than not that your thoughts are more debilitating in nature, applaud yourself for this great insight. With recognition comes change!

From here on out, you can learn small, yet routine steps that you can do to take action and break free from negative thinking.

You have your whole life ahead of you and you’ll never have more time than now. 

Take this opportunity to begin shifting your thoughts to ones that will welcome peace, love and acceptance into your day. 

New thought. New belief. New life. 

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor