Pain. We understand the depth of this word on the intellectual level but more importantly on the emotional level. There is where it seems to becomes alive. It becomes real. We feel it and it stings. 

We have been pained. Whether it is because we believe we have been wronged or because we believe we have wronged. 

But what if we learned to take our power back? What if we didn’t allow the pain to win and rule all of our moments from here on out? I am not at all suggesting to avoid feeling by any means but what might happen if we learn to observe the pain without embellishing it further?

It seems we have learned to become great storytellers. We use strong words to describe experiences and neglect to understand how we are inadvertently hurting ourselves further. We take what IS and exaggerate it until it is no longer tolerable. By allowing this trickery of the Mind, we invent further suffering into our lives. The exact thing we are trying to run from. 

Peace finds me when I let go of the should of, could of, would of’s and remind myself that I have a choice in all of this. I may not like what is happening in the present time, but I no longer need to paint the canvas black. I can choose from the multitude of colors just at my fingertip and learn to live once more.  

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor