You can have it all. You first must believe you already do.

This notion is not a trickery of the mind but Truth. We are led to believe we require anything and everything to be whole. The big house, a nice car, the perfect spouse… but these beliefs alone are disempowering and will always leave you at a disadvantage.

We should absolutely be grateful for our exterior blessings but by no means should we ever define ourselves based on such.

We are not a mere accumulation of things but something much greater indeed.

In order to fully grasp this concept, one must spend time getting to know Self. Many of us may want to run from such a task but the more you begin to understand the patterns of your mind the more you will be able to break free from the self-defeating beliefs that have inadvertently diminished your sense of well being.

Our beliefs alone disable us if we are not cautious. Nothing more.

“Right thinking” in itself, is what heals.  Jump aboard this paradigm shift and discover the beauty of what you truly are.

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor