Do you ever stop and wonder who is in control of your own thoughts? Do you realize the impact of your thoughts and how they ultimately lead to your behaviors? Most times our beliefs and values are so deeply internalized that we rarely stop to reflect on how they shape our every moment.

Take a moment to stop and reflect now. Can you recall a time when maybe your own behavior alarmed even you? How could you have possibly behaved in such a way that seems so opposite to what you truly value? These are not easy questions but certainly important ones. 

Dr. Ernest Holmes understood the power of our thoughts stating, “life externalizes at the level of our thought.” If we are not careful enough to pay attention to our thought patterns, it will never be easy for us to achieve our goals. It’s that simple. 

Stop and reflect once more now. Are your thoughts healthy? Can you recognize a theme of what you believe to be true? Do you view life mostly through a positive, negative or neutral frame of view?

We are foolishly operating on autopilot unless we make looking inward part of our daily practice. 

When we engage in silence, we recognize the Divine strength that is there to guide us to righteousness. But we must first stop to make the decision to become the drivers of our own destiny once more. We can continue on autopilot or we can take control of the wheel and be led to eternal bliss.

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor