As I awaken this morning, I am faced with outside stressors trying to make their way through to me. Things that, in many ways, I cannot control. While I feel the distress inside of me feeling as though it wants to make its way out, I recognize I have not worked this hard to react in a habitual way that I no longer desire. A way that doesn’t ultimately align with my higher self.

Slowly and steadily I have moved from such. Slowly and steadily I have worked at reacting differently. 

As events unfold, I catch myself AS the observer. I notice how I am feeling all over and what I am choosing to do with it. Yup, I am in control. 

This recognition may at times appear very subtle, but as I step away I recognize it is my decision how I wish to respond in this moment and every there after. And so slowly and steadily I continue to make more changes that feel right deep within. Changes that bring me back to a state of love. Mastering such a skill is the reward.

I’ve got this.

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor