From the start to the end of our day, we give so much time and thought into all of the external things that surround us.

We can be very selective in what clothes we choose to wear, what home we reside in, and even what foods we put into our bodies but do we ever really take the time to be as selective when it comes to choosing our own thoughts?

We have heard about how positive thinking can be a healthy combat to deter the stresses of our day to day lives. We may even recognize the rewards of doing so intellectually but then why do we neglect to take the time to practice such a healthy skill?

We need to regain control over our lives by first recognizing how are living moments are a direct reflection of how we view the world. Dr. Ernest Holmes declared, “It is done to you as you believe.” When we begin to apply this truth to our every moment we understand how simple life really is.

We no longer need to search for something external to bring us a temporary sense of happiness, because we know that whatever we need is already obtained within.

Learning to undo the faulty thinking that has eluded us for so long will grant us the true freedom of peace and happiness. As we proceed with our days, we must ask ourselves what thoughts are shaping our experience.

Watch how beautifully your life will transform as you transition to a more positive viewpoint. Allow healthy thoughts to help pave the way to this serenity. It’s time to redecorate your inner self and feel just how beautiful life can truly be. 

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor