We are trained from an early age to seek happiness elsewhere. This falsity is reinforced by everyone in our society. It is so ingrained and subtle at times that most of us do not even think to question it. We go about our days without ever really taking the time to learn about ourselves and where our belief system stem from. It is only when we start to question things that we then began to unveil our true selves. 

It is important for us all to learn as much as we can as we grow, and then we must unlearn everything.

We live in a society that desires the majority of people to be shaped into the exact same mold- a society that has stripped us of our own, individual selves. What’s missing in our society is the allowance for people to learn who they really are. The divine is inside us all, but unfortunately lays dormant for most because of the prefixed ways we go about our lives. 

We need to encourage people to live according to their inner truth. We need to teach the power of meditation, mindfulness and positive thinking from the start. We are surrounded by the exact opposite, and it is no wonder why there is so much conflict in the world and conflict in ourselves. We require nothing more but the knowledge of our own true selves. When we quiet our minds, the divine in us awakens and surfaces. Only then do we understand true Love…

When we think, act and feel Love, we are God. It really is that simple. When we are Love, we are everything. This is our birthright.

Featured in Science of Mind Magazine 

June, 2014
Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor