Maybe we have the idea of happiness all wrong. We are so focused on wanting to be happy that we often look for it in all of the wrong places. True happiness is not something anything external can offer us. We seem to understand this intellectually and yet we continue to strive for it elsewhere… outside of us.

Rather than desiring happiness, let’s shift our focus on cultivating wellness. There are many things seemingly beyond our control but we do indeed have control over our thoughts.  By recognizing that Divinity resides in each one of us, we no longer have to be imprisoned by our own self defeating beliefs. When we turn inward, we become aware of the endless pool of beauty that is there for us to access at any given time. Our essence is pure.  Anything that tries to counteract with this Truth should not be given credence.

One must learn to guard the Mind, only allowing thoughts rooted in Love to lead the way.

Imagine what it could feel like if we learned to reside in this state of infinite glory at all times. Possibilities are endless. Right?

Jennifer Picinic, PhD

Certified Spiritual Counselor