From outward in, this thing called life is filled with woes. I am the constant victim of all around me and despite my great desire for control, I have none. 

From INWARD out, I am perfect, whole and complete. I AM the divine. I am in control of this Truth and in turn do not question, why me?

From outward in, my troubles seem endless. For every one tackled, two seem to replace it with speed.

From INWARD out, I am not my problems. In fact, I am faithfully aware of the hidden treasures that will transpire from all seeds planted. 

From outward in, I am alone. Every one has except for me. I always desire and never have enough.

From INWARD out, I am connected to all things beautiful. I understand that as I give, the more abundance awaits. There is an endless supply of bounty awaiting us all.

From outward in, I am imprisoned by definitions. Everything has a label and comparison invokes limitation. 

From INWARD out, I understand I am the one defining and choose only to view from the lens of God where all are Equally Divine.