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“Our minds have the incredible capacity to both alter the strength of connections among neurons, essentially rewiring them, and create entirely new pathways. It makes a computer, which cannot create new hardware when its system crashes, seem fixed and helpless.”

-Susannah Cahalan, Brain on Fire

We cannot underestimate the power of the Mind. The Mind can lead us to feel an array of emotions, from anguish to pleasure, dependent upon how we use it.

When we stop, reflect, and become aware of how our Minds have been conditioned- and the result of those developed habitual thought processes- we are one step closer to a more greater recognition. Just beyond our prefixed notions lies the freedom we so deeply long for.

We have not been gifted with this thing called life to suffer our way through it. Rather, just beneath the surface of our thoughts holds a greater Truth for us all. When we push beyond the mind chatter and tread unventured territory, we are blessed with the most amazing wisdom. The seeds of our awakening are already planted inside of us all and are begging to be nurtured. Unveiling this Truth is our gift and our birthright.

We have a tendency to fixate on the very things we wish to avoid in life. The Law of Cause and Effect is always there working at our mercy. When we learn to think only the thoughts that we wish to experience, we can trust a greater outcome from what we previously set into motion.

Just past the surface of our thoughts lies a treasured state of peace and love like no other. We must trust that anything born directly from this place of good will be developed into pure beauty. We can work on continuously grounding ourselves in this state by tearing down one destructive thought after the other.

When our intent for life is pure, born from it will be our greatest blessings, as Spirit works through us. We can learn to break away from old thought patterns that are disillusioned and construct a far greater reality by rising above them.

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