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Jennifer Picinic has a PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, specializing in Spiritual Counseling. Her life's experiences have taught her that nothing external could ever supersede the endless, beautiful bounty that already exists within. Her mission is to help others recognize their own internal strength and reduce imposed suffering brought on by Self. Think love. Feel love. Be love

God It

Rewarded by Belief

Become a Guardian of Your Inner World

April SoM

Life as One, Seemingly Long Meditation

So suppose this thing called life was really just us sitting in one, seemingly long meditation. If that was indeed the case, we could practice allowing experiences to come and go without gripping onto them or judging them further. Every thought noticed simply there to act as a distraction from our true nature. Every emotion aroused, again, there acting simply as a form of distraction; trying to pull us away from our natural state of being.

We can learn to notice this tug and pull in life and redirect ourselves back to the beauty that exists, deep within all along.

Love. Our birthright. Underneath all of the mind chatter or felt emotions there is a greater power within, begging for our awareness.

Just as in any meditation practice, when we notice a distraction from our focus we can simply let it be and gently guide ourselves back to our greater focus. In doing so, the strain willingly dissipates all on its own. We need not judge what sensations or thoughts arise but again simply become aware of our relationship to them and our innate power to refocus our center on a much greater presence.

So suppose this thing called life was really just us sitting in one, seemingly long meditation. We can practice allowing experiences to come and go without gripping onto them or judging them further. We can simply notice them and redirect our main focus back to the present time. Back to our relationship with the here and now. Back to our birthright.

Behold the peace that awaits when we experience life through this lens. Nothing experienced exists to intentionally cause suffering but instead offers us a recognition of something greater within, offering love and peace to those that seek.

We can notice when tension arises through our relationship with life and allow ourselves to go back to a state of inner peace, inner love; our true essence. Like anything in this thing called life, the more we practice the greater we become. And so it is.

No Separation

SoM, Feb. 2021

Peace, I Wish You

Perhaps this year will be the year we bridge the gap. No longer them but us, no longer myself but all. We are all in this thing called life together, yet many, including myself, feel alone from time to time. This mustn’t scare us. Our paths may differ widely but some form of enlightenment is the shared yearning, the desire that we seek, and it starts by honoring our humanity.

We know there is something more. Something greater and yet this hope may dim from time to time. We must not allow this prayer to quiver but rather recognize it and nurture it because somewhere in us all, is indeed this recognition that something greater is to be had, individually and collectively.

This and only this must be our focus. Aligning our minds with our hearts and holding our truth steadfast, confirming we are already more. Alone and together, we are what we seek.

It is our shared humanity which will bring forth a collective liberty. Our deep yearning for love and compassion is a commonality that unites us and can transcend us to something greater.

We can restore our awareness that we are indeed more alike than different. This is an opportunity for the world at large to slow down and get curious. While we have been conditioned to have different perspectives, these well-rehearsed ideas are not truth.

Much of what we learned and acquired along the way has misguided us and unintentionally caused a sense of separation. What we all know and feel, no matter how faint at times, is the tug and pull of the heart. The yearning for something greater, for you and for me.

Perhaps this is the year we learn to unmask and reveal our true nature. Perhaps we need not more to have more. Perhaps we simply must recognize our personal, deeper wants are a shared desire of everyone and for everyone. Perhaps we can allow this truth to unite us, bridging the gap from them to us and myself to all.

The perceived suffering we encompass can be the very which thing that unites and heals us. You desire peace. I desire peace. Perhaps there is no better time for us to honor this prayer and allow it to guide us towards the healing and transcendence that we all recognize is ours to be had. All alike. No one excluded. 🙏

And so it is.

Attunement to Divinity

And there her heart lay flat, barely aware of its beat until it remembered its own flesh was the one attacking it.

We hold on by a frayed string, seemingly at times, but we are tethered by a force greater than us alone and for that, I am forever grateful for.

Just as all spiritual beings will, so too must the fallen angel see past her preoccupation with illusions and prepare for ascension.

She notices the subtle whispers within urging her all along…

“Learn how your mind works and its precedence to all you do, all you become.

Be aware of the chapters that accumulate, creating a story with defeat in its end.

Be aware of desire. Be aware of expectations. 

Understand how wanting will always leave you suffering. 

Recognize it is this type of thinking that is leaving you weeping in despair. Recognize how the outcome will always be the same until you choose a different start. 

Shift to a mindset born from truth. Here is where you will begin to rise.

Begin to allow every negative thought realized to serve as a reminder to choose a new, replacement thought born solely from love. 

No longer are the beliefs tainted and air needing to be gasped. 

Your form vanishes and you are light once more.

You drift through time and space, soaring in your remembered truth.

You are home and here have everything you’ve ever sought. 

It no longer matters why you have lost your way. All that matters is your hearts delight. 

Wishes are born from this state and you receive them all. Bask here even when the world begins to knock once more. Anchor in this truth and allow it to ignite all you do.

Never shush the whispers that got buried by the noisy illusions. Amplify their wisdom until your heart and mind align. 

Feel the shift into this majestic, promised land despite never stepping one foot. 

Taste the purities enveloping you. This is your essence awaiting your nurturing. This is your secret revealed. Nurture and blossom only this place as your home and all things beautiful are yours to be had.”


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