We often hear that what bothers us about other people is an unhealed aspect of a part of ourselves being reflected back to us. What if what we were reacting to in others was simply because we did not have an awareness and understanding of the transient nature of thought itself?

Thought is simply mental activity that ebbs and flows. Thought has a direct affect on the mood we experience at the time and the behaviors we engage in.

When we can raise our consciousness to a state of awareness on what exactly thought is, we can begin to dismantle the danger that which we attach to certain types of thoughts and ultimately cause unintentional distress to us.

When we use our senses to become aware of something, our brain begins to think certain thoughts about what we are aware of. The meaning we attach to certain beliefs is dependent upon our conditioning. When we better understand how our brains work we can more easily accept the emotions we are feeling at the time, the positive as well as the negative, and have a better understanding of our safety despite the insecurities we may be feeling inside.

We can gain confidence in our own resilience to how we experience this thing called life when we become more aware of how thoughts in general work.

We want to learn more and more how negative emotions are a part of the human experience and that we do not need to fear them. Once we recognize that we are safe despite what we are thinking, we will recognize more easily how negative emotions dissipate more quickly all on their own.

When we practice this type of awareness, mental strategizing is not required of us. We welcome more peace and tranquility into our lives, effortlessly. We use our higher power to observe the nature of thought and stop trying to control it. We accept thought for what it is, simply thought. We gain recontrol of our lives when we detach ourselves from trying to analyze all thoughts that come to mind. We can begin to be more present in the here and now when we learn that thoughts come and they too shall go.

When we understand this for ourselves we can begin to see how others are simply responding to their emotions or behaviors based on the level of their own understating of thought. Based on ones level of awareness of how thought operates we can more clearly see how no ones behavior is any more right or wrong than another’s.

We do not need to take in information from the outside world and falsely believe it is data. Instead, we can use our inner intelligence to create circumstance.

It is time to break free from habitual thinking and learn the nature of thought alone. When we connect with divine intelligence we welcome in a greater peace and from this state can watch our wildest dreams become our reality.